About Lil Green Rhino 

Have you always wanted to give your loved ones personalized, handmade, thoughtful gifts, but can never find the time to make them? We’ve got your back. At Lil Green Rhino, we have been making customised keepsakes since 2013 and we are thrilled to share our designs with anyone looking to give a gift from the heart.  

Lil Green Rhino is a southeast Victoria-based small family business specializing in handcrafted, personalized items that make the perfect gift for the important people in your life. We design a wide range of customised keepsakes, such as pillows, wall flags, bibs, clothing, towels, mugs, and more. As a family that has always loved giving handmade gifts with personal messages, we specialize in various gifts for children, newborns, family members, and teachers. Our inspiration comes from all of the gifts we have customised for our children, family members, and community over the years—and the joy it has brought us. 

We originally started Lil Green Rhino as a passion project. However, it quickly turned into a small business that allowed one of us to stay home with the kids. As we started expanding our range of products, we noticed that there were lots of other people just like us who love to give customized gifts from the heart. We started vending at the Berwick Akoonah Market every Sunday, and eventually moved our store online, where we could reach a wider audience. 

Since Lil Green Rhino started, we have expanded our products, as well as our family. We continue to seek the highest quality materials to produce thoughtful keepsakes that will live on for generations. Our personalized items are made with direct to fabric printing or sublimation for a classy, finished product. We are committed to providing our clients with unique products that their families and loved ones will treasure for years to come. Have a look at our wide range of customisable products and start showing your loved ones you care in a whole new way!